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KNIGHT, Sarah Kemble, American author: b. Boston, 19 April 1666; d. near New London, Conn., 25 Sept. 1727. In 1706-13 she conducted at Boston a school in which Samuel Mather and Benjamin Franklin were at one time pupils. By New England custom she was styled “Madam” Knight as a token of respect. Her ‘Journal Kept on a Journey from Boston to New York in the Year 1704’ (New York 1825) is a diary record evidently compiled from daily notes made on the way. It is valuable for its account of customs and manners and its descriptions of the settlements, being at the same time interesting for its original orthography and interspersed rhymes. A reprint with additional notes was published by F. H. Little (Albany 1865). Consult Caulkins, F. M., ‘History of New London, 1612-1860’ (New London 1895); id., ‘History of Norwich, Conn.’ (Hartford 1866); Deane, W. R., ‘Journal of Madam Knight’ (in Living Age, Vol. LVII, Boston 1858); Tyler, M. C., ‘History of American Literature’ (Vol. II, New York 1879).