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KOBBÉ, William August, American army officer: b. New York, 10 May 1840. He was educated there and in Germany where he studied mining engineering until 1862, when he enlisted in the volunteer service and served until the end of the Civil War, rising to rank of captain, brevet-major and lieutenant-colonel. He was appointed lieutenant in the regular army (infantry) in 1866, serving on frontier in New Mexico and Kansas during Indian hostilities until 1872 when he was transferred to the artillery arm. He was graduated at the artillery school in 1873; was in the Philippine service, 1898-1901, as major of the 3d United States Artillery, colonel of the 35th United States Volunteers, brigadier-general of the United States volunteers and brigadier-general of the United States army. He was in command of joint army and naval expedition to open the Hemp Ports to commerce and was made military governor of Mindanao and Jolo; and commanded the Department of Dakota at Saint Paul from 1902 until retired as major-general in 1904.