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Edition of 1920. See also Karl Koch (botanist) on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

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KOCH, Karl, German botanist: b. Ettersberg, near Weimar, 6 June 1809; d. Berlin, 25 May 1879. He studied in Jena and Wurzburg and taught, as privatdocent, in Jena (1834). He undertook a journey of research into Russia (1836-38) and a second (1843-44), then settled in Berlin (1847), being later appointed assistant professor, also general secretary, of the Verein zur Beförderung des Gartenbau of the state of Prussia, in which position he published Wachenschrift für Gartnerei und Pflanzenkunde (1858-72). He was appointed professor of the Agricultural High School in Berlin (1859). He wrote ‘Reise durch Russland nach dem kaukasischen Isthmus’ (Stuttgart 1842-43); ‘Wanderungen im Orient’ (Weimar 1846-47); ‘Hartus dendrologicus’ (Berlin 1853-54); ‘Dendrologie’ (Erlangen 1869-72), etc.