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KOHN, kōn, Salomon, German novelist: b. Prague, 8 March 1825; d. there, 6 Nov. 1904. He was the son of a Jewish merchant; studied at the local university (1844-46), then became partner in his father's business and was sole proprietor from 1863. But (since 1873) he devoted his entire time to literary work. His novel ‘Gabriel’ was first published anonymously in a collection of works entitled ‘Sippurim’ (Prague 1852), and had various translations, but, strangely, only obtained circulation in Germany in the English, the author's name being unknown and his right to the authorship not being proven till 20 years later. Of his other works should be cited ‘Ein Spiegel der Gegenwart’ (Jena 1875); ‘Die silberne Hochzeit’ (Leipzig 1882); ‘Prager Ghettobilder’ (ib. 1884); ‘Neue Ghettobilder’ (ib. 1886); ‘Der Lebensretter und andere Erzählungen’ (Berlin 1893); ‘Fürstengunst’ (ib. 1894); ‘Ein deutscher Handelsherr’ (Zürich 1896); ‘Judith Löhrich’ (Strassburg 1897).