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Edition of 1920. See also Kurdufan on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KORDOFAN, kŏr-dō-fän', Africa, a province of Egyptian Sudan, between the White Nile and Darfur; area, about 130,000 square miles. The principal articles of export are gum, hides and senna leaves, all monopolized by the government as most lucrative; ivory, cattle, tamarinds, ostrich eggs and feathers, gold, salt, slaves, etc.; the imports spices, sugar, coffee, sulphur, rice, soap, cotton and linen cloth, etc. From 1821 onward Kordofan was subject to the viceroy of Egypt, the country having been subdued by Mehemet Ali. In 1883 it took part in the successful Mahdist revolt, but was trained for Great Britain and Egypt in 1898. Pop. about 300,000.