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Edition of 1920. See also Arthur Korn on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

KORN, kôrn, Arthur, German physicist: b. Breslau, 20 May 1870. He studied at the Breslau and Berlin gymnasiums and, consecutively, at the universities of Freiburg, Leipzig (1886), Paris (1890) and Berlin (1891). He was given degrees and (1890) became private teacher (docent) of physics in Munich (1895), then assistant professor (1903) and professor, and has resided, since 1908, at Charlottenburg. His work consisted of experiment and writing on long-distance photography, the phototelautograph, physical phenomena, mechanics; but he has devoted his best labors to the potential theory and the mathematics of physics. Among his numerous published works are ‘Eine Theorie der Gravitation und der elektrischen Erscheinungen auf Grundlage der Hydrodynamik’ (2d ed., 1896); ‘Ueber Molecular-Funktion’ (1897); ‘Lehrbuch der Potentialtheorie’ (Berlin 1899-1901); ‘Freie und erzwungene Schwingungen’ (1910); ‘Handbuch der Phototelegraphie und Telautographie’ (1911). He has also contributed numerous articles to such journals as Berichte der Bayrischen Akademie der Wissenschaft; Comptes rendus de l'Académie des Sciences; Naturwissenschaftliches Wochenschrift, etc.