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LENOX, Mass., town in Berkshire County, on the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad, about six miles south of Pittsfield and the same distance from the boundary line between New York and Massachusetts. It was settled in 1750 and named in honor of Charles Lenox, Duke of Richmond. The town includes the villages of Lenoxdale and New Lenox. It is noted for its beautiful scenery and healthy climate. Within the town limits are Laurel and Mahkeenac lakes and spurs of the mountains called the Ledge, Perry Peak, Bald Head and Mattoon Hill. This locality is largely residential; the industries which contribute to the wealth of Lenox are located mainly in the large cities. Many noted people have been residents of Lenox, among others Nathaniel Hawthorne, Henry Ward Beecher and Fanny Kemble. The government is administered by town meetings. Pop. 3,060.