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LINLITHGOW, lĭn-lĭth'gō, Scotland, the county town of Linlithgowshire, 16 miles west of Edinburgh. It is an ancient royal burgh, dating from the reign of David I, with a fine 12th century Gothic church, now restored, and other historical edifices, chief of which is Linlithgow Palace (mostly rebuilt between 1425 and 1628), the birthplace of James V and Mary Stuart, burnt down by the carelessness of the Duke of Cumberland's soldiers in 1746, and now an interesting ruin. In 1570 the Regent Moray was assassinated by Hamilton of Bothwellhaugh. Tanning, shoemaking and distilling are among its industries. Pop. 4,002. Consult Waldie, ‘History of Linlithgow’ (1879).