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LOFFTZ, lėftz, Ludwig, German painter: b. Darmstadt, 1845; d. 1910. He studied at Nuremberg under Kreling and Raupp and at Munich under Diez. In 1879 he became professor at the Academy of Munich, and from 1891 to 1899 was director of this institution. His best-known paintings are ‘Cardinal Playing the Organ’ (1876; exhibited in New York 1909); portrait of Liszt; ‘Avarice and Love’ (1879, owned by W. H. Vanderbilt, New York); ‘Erasmus,’ in the Stuttgart Museum; ‘Pietà,’ and ‘Eurydice’ (1898), both in the New Pinakothek, Munich, ‘Assumption of the Virgin’ (1889), in Freising Cathedral. In his later years he painted several landscapes, but his greatest success lay in his work as a teacher.