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MEISTERMANN, Barnabas Francis Joseph, French archæologist and missionary: b. Pfaffenheim, Alsace, 27 March 1850. He received his education in the seminary of Strassburg and in 1873 was ordained to the priesthood of the Roman Catholic Church. In 1873 he joined the Franciscan Order, was sent to France and England for a time, and from 1887 to 1893 labored as a missionary among the Chinese. Since 1893 he has resided in Jerusalem, engaged in teaching, writing and research work. His works include ‘La Portioncule’ (1884); ‘Le Mont Thabor’ (1900); ‘La Montagne de la Galilée où le Seigneur apparut aux Apôtres’ (1901); ‘Deux questions d'archéologie palestinienne’ (1902); ‘Le prétoire de Pilate et la forteresse Antonia’ (1902); ‘Questions de topographie palestinienne’ (1903); ‘Le tombeau de la Sainte Vierge à Jerusalem’ (1903); ‘La ville de David’ (1903); ‘La patrie de Saint Jean-Baptiste’ (1904); ‘New Guide to the Holy Land’ (London 1907); ‘Guide du Nil au Jourdain par le Sinaï et Pétra’ (1909). He contributed to the ‘Catholic Encyclopedia.’