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Edition of 1920. See also Kuno Meyer on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

MEYER, Kuno, German Celtic scholar: b. Hamburg, 20 Dec. 1858. He was educated at the Gelehrtenschule of the Johanneum, Hamburg, and at the University of Leipzig. In 1884-95 he was lecturer, and in 1895-1915, professor of Teutonic languages at University College, Liverpool; and from 1911 he was professor of Celtic at the University of Berlin. He founded the Zeitschrift für Celtische Philologie in 1895, and with Whitley Stokes founded the Archiv für Celtische Lexikographie in 1898. He founded the School of Irish Learning at Dublin in 1903. He is a member of the Royal Prussian Academy. His pro-German sympathies brought him into disfavor in England and Ireland after the outbreak of the European War. Author of ‘Eine irische Version der Alexandersage’ (1883); ‘The Irish Odyssey’ (1885); ‘The Vision of MacConglinne’ (1892); ‘Early Relations of the Brython and Gael’ (1896); ‘Liadain and Curithir’ (1902); ‘Ancient Irish Poetry’ (1911), etc.