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MITTERMAIER, mĭt'ẹr'mī'ẹr, Karl Joseph Anton, German jurist: b. Munich, 5 Aug. 1787; d. Heidelberg, 28 Aug. 1867. He was educated at the universities of Landeshut and Heidelberg. After serving as professor in Bonn in 1819-21, he became professor of law and jurisprudence in Heidelberg, which he held for the rest of his life. His greatest work is a complete manual of criminal law, ‘Das deutsche Strafverfahren in der Fortbildung durch Gerichtsgebrauch und Landesgesetzbücher’ (Heidelberg 1845-46). He published a number of books and treatises on important questions relating to jurisprudence, trial by jury and the penal code. Many of these were translated into various languages. He was a member of the Baden legislature for many years; president of the Frankfort vorparliament; and representative of the city of Baden in the German National Assembly. Consult Mittermaier, ‘Bilder aus dem Leben von K. J. A. Mittermaier’ (Heidelberg 1886).