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MOSHER, mō'zhėr, Eliza Maria, American physician: b. Cayuga County, N. Y., 1846. She was graduated from the University of Michigan in 1875, and studied at the School of Medicine in Paris from 1879-80. She was resident physician at the Massachusetts Reformatory for Women in 1880-81 and director of the institution in 1881-83. In 1883 she went to Vassar College as professor of physiology and resident physician; from 1886-96, she was engaged in general medical practice in Brooklyn, N. Y., and then became professor of hygiene in the department of literature, science and arts, and women's dean at the University of Michigan. Holding this position till 1902 when she returned to her practice in Brooklyn. She has been lecturer at the Chautauqua Summer School of Physical Education since 1888. She is the author of ‘Health and Happiness’ (1911).