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MULLER, , mŭl'ler, William James, English painter: b. Bristol, 28 June 1812; d. there, 8 Sept. 1845. He studied painting under J. B. Pyne, and first exhibited in the Royal Academy in 1833, his picture being entitled ‘The Destruction of Old London Bridge — Morning.’ In 1833-34 he visited Germany, Switzerland and Italy, and in 1838 Greece and Egypt; while in 1843 he accompanied the Lycian expedition under Sir Charles Fellowes, bringing back many sketches and pictures of Oriental life and scenery. He lived for some time in London, but returned to Bristol in later life. His pictures, though not numerous, are of exceptional power and merit, among the more notable being the ‘Barrage Wagon’; ‘Dredging on the Medway’; ‘The Slave Market’; and the ‘Salmon-weir.’ He painted both in water-color and in oils, and was remarkable as a colorist. Consult the ‘Memoir’ by Solly (London 1875).