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NORDENBERG, nôr'dĕn-bärj, Bengt, Swedish artist: b. Kompikalla, Sweden, 22 April 1822; d. Düsseldorf, 14 Dec. 1902. In his early years he was a house-painter. In 1843 he went to Stockholm and studied in the Academy while still following his trade. In 1851 he went to Düsseldorf and studied under Theodor Hilderbrandt. In 1857-58 he studied in Paris under Couture, after which he visited Italy. He finally settled in Düsseldorf. Nordenberg was much influenced by Tidemand. His subjects were drawn chiefly from Swedish peasant life. They include ‘Communion in a Village Church’ (National Gallery, Christiania); ‘The Organist’ (Leipzig Museum); ‘Levying the Tithe in Skåne’ and ‘Wedding Procession in Varend’ (both in the Stockholm Museum); ‘A Golden Wedding’ and ‘A Forest Fire.’ Nordenberg was given a medal at Lyons in 1866, at Stockholm in 1845, 1847 and 1848 and London in 1879. He had honorable mention at the Paris Salon of 1864 and at the Vienna Exhibition in 1873.