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NORFOLK, nôr'fȯk, Charles Howard, 11th Duke of, English politician: b. 5 March 1746; d. London, 1815. Breaking with the traditions of his family, notably his father, a Roman Catholic and author of pamphlets on penal laws against the Catholics, the son became a Protestant and a Whig; opposed the war with America; sat in Parliament 1780-84; became a lord of the treasury in the Portland Cabinet in 1783, and was dismissed in 1798 from the lord-lieutenancy of the West Riding for toasting the “sovereign English people” in terms displeasing to the Crown. He was noted for his convivial habits and his dislike of soap and water. At his death the title passed to Bernard Edward Howard, the first Roman Catholic peer to sit in the House after the Act of Emancipation in 1829.