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OBERHOLTZER, ō'bėr-hol-ser, Ellis Paxson, American historian; son of Mrs. S. L. Oberholtzer (q.v.): b. Philadelphia, 1868. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvania (Ph.D. 1893), and at Berlin, Heidelberg and Paris; was on the editorial staff of the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph (1889-96); editor of The Manufacturer (1896-1900), literary and dramatic editor of the Philadelphia Public Ledger (1902-08). He has published ‘The Referendum in America’ (1893, 3d ed., 1908); ‘Die Beziehung zwischen dem Staat und der Zeitungspresse’ (1895); ‘The New Man’ (1897); ‘Robert Morris, Patriot and Financier’ (1903); ‘Abraham Lincoln’ (1904); ‘The Literary History of Philadelphia’ (1907); ‘Jay Cooke, Financier of the Civil War,’ (2 vols., 1907); ‘Henry Clay’ (1909); ‘Philadelphia, a History of the City and its People’ (4 vols., 1911), and edited ‘American Crisis Biographies’ (20 volumes).