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Edition of 1920. See also Sir Gilbert Parker, 1st Baronet on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

Warning: Default sort key "Parker, (Horatio) Gilbert" overrides earlier default sort key "The Encyclopedia Americana (1920)/Parker, Horatio Gilbert". PARKER, Sir (Horatio) Gilbert, Canadian novelist: b. Camden East, Addington, Ontario, 23 Nov. 1862. He was educated at Trinity College, Toronto, in 1886 became associate editor of the Sydney (Australia) Morning Herald, and during his stay in Australia began to write plays. He traveled widely among the South Sea Islands and in northern Canada, and published a book of travel entitled ‘Round the Compass in Australia’ (1892). His novels include ‘Pierre and His People: Tales of the Far North’ (1892): ‘Mrs. Falchion’ (1893); ‘The Trespasser’ (1893); ‘Translation of a Savage’ (1894); ‘The Trail of the Sword’ (1895); ‘When Valmond Came to Pontiac’ (1895); ‘An Adventurer of the North’ (1895); ‘The Seats of the Mighty’ (1896), a romance of the taking of Quebec; ‘The Stolen Bonds’ (1897); ‘The Pomp of the Lavilettes’ (1897); ‘The Battle of the Strong’ (1898); ‘The Lane that had no Turning’ (1900); ‘The Right of Way’ (1901); ‘Donovan Pasha’ (1902); ‘History of Old Quebec’ (1903); ‘A Ladder of Swords’ (1904); ‘The Weavers’ (1907); ‘Northern Lights’ (1909); ‘Cumner's Son’ (1910); ‘The Land of the People, and the State’ (1910); ‘The Judgment House’ (1913); ‘You Never Know Your Luck’ (1915); ‘The World in the Crucible’ (1915); ‘The Money Master’ (1915); ‘The World For Sale’ (1916); ‘Wild Youth and Another’ (1919). His works of wide popularity exhibited a finished method and much skill in characterization and description. In 1900 and 1906 he was elected to Parliament in the Conservative interest for Gravesend, in 1902 was knighted and in 1915 was created a baronet.