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PARKER, Edward Harper, English Chinese scholar: b. 3 July 1849. He was educated at the Royal Institution School, Liverpool, and became a barrister of the Middle Temple. He intended to engage in the tea trade, studied Chinese, and as an interpreter traveled in Mongolia 1869-71. He was then in the consular service in various parts of the world (1871-95), and since 1901 has been professor of Chinese in Victoria University, Manchester, and reader in Chinese, University College, Liverpool, since 1896. He is the author of ‘Comparative Chinese Family Law’ (1879); ‘The Opium War’ (1887); ‘China's Relations with Foreigners’ (1888); ‘Up the Yangtze’ (1892); ‘Burma’ (1893); ‘A Thousand Years of the Tartars’ (1895); ‘China’ (1901); ‘John Chinaman’ (1901); ‘China, Past and Present’ (1903); ‘China and Religion’ (1905); ‘Ancient China Simplified’ (1908); ‘Studies in Chinese Religion’ (1910).