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POLKO, pōl'kō, Elise Vogel, German novelist: b. Leipzig, Germany, 31 Jan. 1822; d. Munich, 15 May 1899. She was a sister of Eduard Vogel, the African explorer, and attained considerable fame as a public singer, but retired from the stage after her marriage to Polko, a scientist, and thenceforth devoted herself to literature, in which field she won much notice. Her ‘Musikalische Märchen’ (1852) was translated into English, as were others of her books. She published ‘Ein Frauenleben’ (1854); ‘Erinnerungen an Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy’ (1868); Aus dem Jahre 1870’; ‘Conversations’ (1872); ‘Neues Märchenbuch’ (1884), etc.