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PULTE, půlt'ĕ, Joseph Hippolyt, American physician: b. Meschede, Westphalia, Germany, 6 Oct. 1811; d. Cincinnati, Ohio, 24 Feb. 1884. He took his M.D. at the University of Hamburg and in 1834 came to the United States where he engaged in practice at Cherrytown, Pa. He then adopted homœopathy and later established himself in practice at Cincinnati. With others he founded the American Institute of Homœopathy in New York in 1844; and in 1872 he was instrumental in establishing a homœopathic college in Cincinnati, where he held the chair of clinical medicine. He also held that chair at the Homœopathic College at Cleveland in 1852 and of obstetrics in 1853-55. He edited the American Magazine of Homœopathy and Hydropathy in 1852-54 and the Quarterly Homœopathic Magazine in 1854. Author of ‘The Homœopathic Domestic Physician’ (1850); ‘A Reply to Dr. Metcalf’ (1851); ‘The Science of Medicine’ (1852), etc.