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RAYMOND, John Howard, American educator: b. New York, 7 March 1814; d. Poughkeepsie, 14 Aug. 1878. He was graduated at Union College in 1832; studied law in New Haven; entered the theological seminary at Hamilton, N. Y., in preparation for the Baptist ministry in 1834; was appointed tutor in Hebrew before graduation; became professor of rhetoric and English literature at Madison University in 1839, and removed to the newly established Rochester University as professor of belles-lettres in 1850. As an organizer of educational institutions he showed remarkable aptitude, performing that service for the Collegiate and Polytechnique Institute in Brooklyn in 1856 and for Vassar College in 1865. He filled the post of president and professor of mental and moral science at Vassar until his death. Consult his ‘Life and Letters’ (1880).