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ROGERS, Henry Darwin, American geologist: b. Philadelphia, 1 Aug. 1808; d. near Glasgow, Scotland, 29 May 1866. He was appointed professor of physical sciences at Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., in 1830, studied in London in 1831, was lecturer on geology at Franklin Institute in 1833-34. and in 1835-46 was professor of geology and mineralogy at the University of Pennsylvania. In 1835 he made a geological survey of the State of New Jersey, and was appointed geologist in charge of the survey of Pennsylvania in 1836. The survey was interrupted in 1841-51 by lack of appropriations, and Rogers was engaged as an expert for various coal companies, until he resumed the survey which was then concluded in 1854. The final report of the survey was entrusted to him, and he completed the work in Edinburgh. From 1857 until his death he was professor of geology and natural history at the University of Glasgow. He published ‘Description of the Geology of the State of New Jersey’ (1840); ‘The Geology of Pennsylvania, a Government Survey’ (1858); numerous geological reports.