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RUEF, roof, Abraham, American political boss: b. San Francisco, Cal. He was graduated at the University of California in 1884 and was admitted to the bar in 1886. He made himself a political power in San Francisco, and was said to control the city administration through Mayor Eugene F. Schmitz, elected in 1901. There were graft scandals implicating Ruef, as an attorney, together with the mayor and board of supervisors in the division of the spoils. Ruef was brought to trial through the efforts of San Francisco citizens, headed by Rudolph Spreckels. The services of Francis J. Heney, who had acted for the United States in the Oregon land scandals, and William J. Burns of the United States secret service, were secured and Ruef was in 1911 convicted of bribery and sentenced to nine years, imprisonment. He was paroled in 1915 on a pledge to remain out of politics.