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SCHERESCHEWSKY, skĕr-ĕs-kūs'kĭ, Samuel Isaac Joseph, American Protestant Episcopal bishop: b. Tanroggen, Lithuania, Russia, 6 May 1831; d. Tokio, Japan, 1906. He studied in Russia and Germany, and, after coming in 1854 to the United States, at the Western Theological Seminary (Allegheny, Pa.) and the General Theological Seminary; was ordained deacon of the Protestant Episcopal Church in 1859, priest in 1860 and was a missionary in China in 1860-75. In 1877 he was consecrated third Protestant Episcopal bishop of China, but he resigned his office in 1883 and afterward resided in the United States, China and Japan. With J. S. Burden he translated the ‘Book of Prayer’ into Mandarin, and he also prepared a complete revision of the Mandarin Bible (1895) and a wholly new rendering of the Bible into Wenli, the classical language of China (1902).