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SCHMUCKER, Samuel Simon, American Lutheran clergyman and educator: b. Hagerstown, Md., 28 Feb. 1799; d. Gettysburg, Pa., 26 July 1873. He was educated at the University of Pennsylvania and at Princeton Seminary and was ordained in the Lutheran Church in 1821. He served as pastor in 1821-26 and 1826-64 he was chairman of the faculty of the Theological Seminary at Gettysburg, Pa. He was instrumental in securing a connection between the Lutheran churches in America and Europe. He was a voluminous writer. Author of ‘Elements of Popular Theology’ (1834); ‘Fraternal Appeal to the American Churches on Christian Union’ (1838); ‘Lutheran Manual’ (1855); ‘Evangelical Lutheran Catechism’ (1859); ‘Unity of Christ's Church’ (1870), etc.