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SCHUCHERT, shŭk'ėrt, Charles, American palaeontologist: b. Cincinnati, Ohio, 3 July 1858. He received a common school education, but possessing a natural aptitude for scientific investigation he early began a collection of fossils and the study of palaeontology. He was assistant to different experts in 1885-91; and in 1891-92 assisted in the geological survey of Minnesota. He was preparator of fossils with Dr. C. E. Beecher at Yale in 1892-93; served on the United States Geological Survey in 1893-94; and since 1904 he has been professor of palaeontology and Yale professor of the history of geology at Sheffield Scientific School, and curator of the geological collections at Peabody Institute. Author of ‘Textbook of Geology’; ‘Historical Geological Paleograph of North America’; ‘Revision of Paleozoic Stelleroida, with Special Reference to North American Asteroida’ (1915), etc.