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SLOCUM, Joshua, American navigator: b. Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, 20 Feb. 1844. He engaged in a seafaring life from early boyhood, studied nautical astronomy and marine architecture, and for many years sailed from the coast of California to points in China, Japan, Australia and the Spice Islands In 1874 he built a steamer of 90 tons register at Olongapo, Subig Bay, Luzon, and in 1892 built at Fairhaven, Mass., the Spray of nine tons register, in which he sailed alone around the world in 1898. He published serially in leading magazines accounts of his voyages in the Spray and in the Destroyer and has also written ‘Voyages of the Liberdale from Brazil to New York’ (1891); ‘Voyage of the Destroyer’ (1894); ‘Sailing Alone Around the World,’ etc.