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STEUBENVILLE, stū'bĕn-vil, Ohio, city, county-seat of Jefferson County, on the Ohio River, and on the Pittsburgh, Chicago, Cincinnati and Saint Louis, the Cleveland and Philadelphia division of the Pennsylvania, the Wabash (Wheeling and Lake Erie) railroads, about 68 miles below Pittsburgh, Pa., and 23 miles north of Wheeling. W. Va. In 1786 a fort was built on the site of the present city. In 1798 the place was laid out as a town, and in 1851 it was incorporated as a city. It was one of the first American towns to use steam for manufacturing purposes.

The city is in an agricultural and coal and gas region, and has valuable clay deposits, petroleum wells and large quarries of excellent building stone. The chief manufacturing establishments are iron and steel, soap, tin plate and clay works, potteries, foundries, glass factories, blast furnaces, a paper mill, flour mills, boiler and tube works, machine-shops and nail and electric light furnishings and factories.

The city possesses numerous good churches, a high school opened in 1860 and public and parisn schools, private commercial colleges, a Carnegie public and school libraries. It has four regular banks and two private banks and two building and loan associations. Pop. about 28,000.