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2939506The Encyclopedia Americana, Volume 26 — Thoburn, James Mills

THOBURN, James Mills, American Methodist Episcopal bishop: b. Saint Clairsville, Ohio, 7 March 1836. He was graduated at Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa., in 1857, and soon after entered the ministry. In 1859 he was sent as a missionary to India and until 1908, when he retired, was identified with work in that region. He was elected bishop of India and Malaysia in 1888 and was for six years the editor of the Indian Witness. His writings include ‘Missionary Addresses’ (1887); ‘India and Malaysia’ (1893): ‘The Deaconess and Her Vocation’ (1893); ‘Christless Nations’ (1895); ‘The Church of Pentecost’ (1901); ‘Life of Isabella Thoburn’ (1903) and ‘The Christian Conquest of India.’