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TREE-SHREW, or BANXRING, a small squirrel-like insectivore of India and the Malay Archipelago, the several species of which constitute the family Tupaiidæ. The fur is soft and glistening, and a long, bushy tail is generally present. They are restlessly active during the day, searching for insects and fruits, both on the ground and in trees. Two of the largest species are the tana (T. tana), with a feathery tail, in one variety of a bright, golden color; and the ferruginous banxring (T. ferruginea), widely distributed in the Malayan region. The soles of the feet in the latter are plaited like those of geckos and give the animals a sure grip of a branch. Consult Blanford, ‘Mammals of India’ (London 1888).