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Edition of 1920. See also Eduard Vogel on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer. The name of (Hugh) Clapperton erroneously appears here where James Richardson's ought to be.

VOGEL, fō'gĕl, Eduard, German explorer: b. Crefeld, Prussia, 7 March 1829; d. Wara, Wadai, about 8 Feb. 1856. He was educated at Leipzig and at Berlin, making a special study of astronomy and natural science. In 1851-53 he assisted Hind at Bishop's Observatory in London, and in the latter year was selected by the English government to conduct an expedition to join that of Clapperton, Barth and Overweg in central Africa. He sailed from England, 20 Feb. 1853, and on 13 Jan. 1854 reached Kuka, the capital of Bornu. From this point he made several expeditions into the surrounding country, and on 1 Dec. 1854 met Barth near Zinder. He penetrated south to Yacobi and the Benue, and on 1 Dec. 1855 returned to Kuka. From this time his notes of his explorations cease, but subsequent information discloses that he set out to the east on 1 Jan. 1856, reached Wara in Wadai, and was there assassinated. For his notes consult ‘Erinneningen an einen Verschollenen,’ by his sister, Elise Polko (1863); also Pahde, ‘Der Afrikaforscher Eduard Vogel’ (1889).