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WADLIN, Horace Greeley, American statistician: b. Wakefield, Mass., 2 Oct. 1851. He studied architecture in Salem and in Boston, Mass., and in 1875-79 was engaged in the practice of that profession in the latter city. He was appointed special agent for the Massachusetts Bureau of Statistics of Labor in 1879 and upon becoming its chief in 1888 abandoned his professional practice. He resigned this position in 1903 to accept the post of librarian at the Boston Public library, which he has since occupied. He was a member of the Massachusetts legislature in 1884-88, was supervisor of the United States census in 1890 and in 1900 and also of the Massachusetts census of 1895. He has published ‘Reports on Statistics of Labor of Massachusetts’ (14 vols., 1888-1901); ‘Annual Statistics of Manufactures of Massachusetts’ (16 vols., 1888-1901); ‘Decennial Census of Massachusetts’ (7 vols, 1895), etc.