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Edition of 1920. See also Moritz Wagner on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WAGNER, väg'nĕr, Moritz, German naturalist: b. Baireuth, 3 Oct. 1813; d. Munich, 31 May 1887. He studied at Erlangen and Munich and made extensive scientific journey in 1852-55 through North and Central America and the West Indies; in 1857-60 through the Andes from Panama to Ecuador. He was made professor of geography and ethnology at Munich. Among his writings are ‘Travels in the Regency of Algiers’ (1841); ‘The Caucasus and the Land of the Cossacks’ (1847); ‘Journey to Colchis’ (1850); ‘Journey to Ararat and the Armenian Highlands’ (1848); ‘Travels in Persia and in the Land of the Kurds’ (1851); ‘Scientific Travels in Tropical America’ (1870); ‘The Darwinian Theory and the Law of Migration of Organisms’ (1868).