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WAHL, William Henry, American scientist: b. Philadelphia, Pa., 14 Dec. 1848. He was graduated from Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa., in 1867, studied at the University of Heidelberg and subsequently made a special study of mineralogy, geology and chemistry. He was professor of physics and physical geography at the Central High School at Philadelphia in 1873-74; resident secretary at the Franklin Institute and editor of the Journal of Franklin Institute in 1870-74, and in 1876 became editor of the Philadelphia Polytechnic. He was associate editor of the Engineering and Mining Journal in 1878-80, editor of the New York Manufacturer and Builder in 1880-82 and then resumed his former post at the Franklin Institute. He published ‘Galvano-plastic Manipulations’ (1883); ‘Preparations of Metallic Alloys’ (1893); ‘Historical Sketch of the Franklin Institute’ (1894), etc.