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Edition of 1920. See also Felix Weingartner on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WEINGARTNER, vīn'gärt-nĕr, Felix Austrian composer: b. Zara, Dalmatia, 2 June 1863. He studied at the Leipzig Conservatory, having received a government scholarship, and in 1884 his opera, ‘Sakuntala,’ was brought out at Weimar under the patronage of Liszt. He was musical conductor at Königsberg, Dantzig and Hamburg in 1884-89 and in 1891 was appointed court conductor at Berlin. Ill health compelled the resignation of this post, and in 1898 he settled in Munich as conductor of the Kaim concerts. He has composed numerous songs, several symphonic poems, the operas ‘Malawika’ (1886); ‘Genesius’ (1892); ‘Kain und Abel’ (1914); ‘Dome Kobold’ (1916), etc. He has written ‘Die Lehre von der Wiedergeburt und das Musikalische’ (1895); ‘Beyreuth 1876 bis 1896’ (1897). Consult ‘Luies’ by Lusztig and by Raabe, both published in Berlin in 1908.