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Edition of 1920. See also Adeline Dutton Train Whitney on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WHITNEY, hwĭt'nĭ, Adeline Dutton Train, American author: b. Boston, Mass, 15 Sept. 1824; d. Milton, Mass., 21 March 1906. She was married to Seth D. Whitney of Milton, Mass., in 1843. Although a frequent contributor to different periodicals during her earlier years, her real literary career did not begin until 1859, and her best work was done in the two following decades. Her writings, which are chiefly for young people, are wholesome in tone and entertaining in style, and include, among many others, ‘Footsteps on the Seas, a Poem’ (1857); ‘Boys at Chequasset’ (1862); ‘Faith Gartney's Girlhood,’ which first brought her into general notice (1863); ‘A Summer in Leslie Goldthwaite's Life’ (1866); ‘Patience Strong's Outings’ (1868); ‘Hitherto: A Story of Yesterdays’ (1869); ‘Real Folks’ (1871); ‘Pansies,’ verse (1872); ‘Sights and Insights’ (1876); ‘Bonnyborough’ (1885); ‘Bird Talk,’ verse (1887); ‘A Golden Gossip’ (1890); ‘Friendly Letters to Girl Friends’ (1897), etc.