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WILCOX, Delos Franklin, American municipal government expert: b. Ida, Mich., 22 April 1873. He was graduated at the University of Michigan in 1894 and took the degree of Ph.D at Columbia University in 1896. He edited the Detroit Civic News in 1905-07; and in 1907-13 he was chief of the bureau of franchises in the first district of the New York Civil Service Commission; while in 1914-17 he was deputy commissioner of the New York department of water supply, gas and electricity. He is a recognized authority on municipal government and has written extensively on the subject. His works include ‘The Study of City Government’ (1897); ‘Ethical Marriage’ (1900); ‘The American City’ (1904); ‘The Government of Great American Cities’ (1908); ‘Municipal Franchises’ (2 vols., 1910-11); ‘Great Cities in America’ (1910); ‘Government by all the People’ (1912), etc.