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WISTER, Annis Lee Furness, American translator: b. Philadelphia, Pa., 9 Oct. 1830; d. Philadelphia, Pa., 15 Nov. 1908. She was married to Dr Caspar Wister (d. 1888) in 1854. She made many translations of note, among them F. Marlitt's ‘The Old Mamselle's Secret’ (1868); ‘Gold Else’ (1868); ‘The Countess Gisela’ (1860); ‘The Little Moorland Princess’ (1873); and ‘The Second Wife’ (1874); Wilhelmine von Hillern's ‘Only a Girl’ (1870); Hackländer's ‘Enchanting and Enchanted’ (1871); Volkhausen's ‘Why Did He Not Die’ (1871); Von Auer's ‘It Is the Fashion’ (1872); and Fanny Lewald's ‘Hulda; or, The Deliverer’ (1874). Her translations were issued in a uniform edition of 30 volumes in 1888. With F. H. Hedge (q.v.) she published ‘Metrical Translations and Poems’ (1888).