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Edition of 1920. See also Charles Henry Hamilton Wright on Wikipedia, and the disclaimer.

WRIGHT, Charles Henry Hamilton, Irish Anglican clergyman: b. Dublin, 9 March 1836; d. 1909. He was graduated from Trinity College, Dublin, in 1857, was Bampton lecturer at Oxford in 1878, Donnellan lecturer at Dublin 1880, Grinfield lecturer on the Septuagint at Oxford 1893-97, and vicar of Saint John's, Liverpool, 1891-98, examiner in Hebrew at the University of London 1897-99, at the University of Wales 1897-1901, and clerical superintendent of the Protestant Reform Society in 1898-1907. Among his numerous publications are ‘Grammar of Modern Irish’ (1855; ed. 1860); ‘Book of Genesis in Hebrew’ (1859); ‘Bunyan's Works with Notes’ (1866); ‘Fragments and Specimens of Early Latin’ (1874); ‘The One Religion’ (1881); ‘Biblical Essays’ (1885); ‘Roman Catholicism in the Light of Scripture’ (2d ed., 1897); ‘The Intermediate State and Prayers for the Dead’ (1900); ‘Genuine Writings of Saint Patrick with Life’ (1902); Daniel and his Prophecies’ (1906).