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YOUMANS, yoo'manz, Edward Livingston, American scientist: b. Coeymans, N. Y., 3 June 1821; d. New York, 18 Jan. 1887. Partially blind at times through many years of his life, he pursued his studies by the aid of his sister, Eliza Ann Youmans, and became widely known as a popularizer of science. He lectured extensively and in 1872 founded The Popular Science Monthly, which he edited till his death and established the ‘International Scientific Series,’ in which the works of Herbert Spencer and other prominent scientists were presented to American readers. The volumes of this series were published simultaneously in different languages in London, Paris, New York, Leipzig, Petrograd and Milan. Author of ‘Chemical Chart’ (1851); ‘Handbook of Household Science’ (1857); ‘Culture Demanded by Modern Life’ (1867), etc.