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ZAHN, Theodor, German theologian: b. Mörs, Prussia, 10 Oct. 1838. After studying at Basel, Erlangen and Berlin he became professor of theology in the University of Göttingen in 1871. He filled a similar chair at Kiel in 1877, at Erlangen in 1878, at Leipzig in 1888 and in 1892 returned to Erlangen. He became a foremost authority on the New Testament. Among his works may be named ‘Marcellus of Ancyra’ (1867); ‘The Shepherd of Hermas’ (1868); ‘Ignatius of Antioch’ (1873); ‘The Acts of Saint John’ (1880); ‘Cyprian of Antioch and the German Story of Faust’ (1882); ‘Researches Into the History of the New Testament Canon’ (1881-93); ‘The Gospel of Peter’ (1893); ‘Introduction to the New Testament’ (1897); ‘Das Evangelium des Lucas’ (1913), etc.