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ZERBST, tsĕrpst, Germany, a town in the duchy of Anhalt, on the Nuthe, a small tributary of the Elbe, 70 miles southwest of Berlin, and 27 miles southeast of Magdeburg, on the Dessau-Leipzig Railway. The chief buildings are the great Schloss in a fine park; the 15th century Nikolaikirche, and the stately 15th century Rathhaus on the market place where are the Roland column (1445) and the Butterjungfer, a slender column bearing a female figure. The chief educational institution is the Francisceum, a gymnasium of high repute. The town has manufactures of noted bitter beer, of silks, plush, cloth, leather, machinery, musical instruments, etc. Zerbst was founded in 1007. From 1603 to 1793 it was the capital of a principality of the same name, which in 1797 was absorbed in Anhalt-Dessau. Pop. of commune about 19,210.