The Eurypterida of New York/Volume 2/Explanations of plates/Plate 12

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Eurypterus lacustris Harlan
Page 173
See plates 9–11, 13

1 Chelicera. × 3
2 Anterior portion of a female opercular appendage, showing the two tubular lateral appendages, the test of the operculum being broken away. × 2

Eurypterus lacustris var. pachychirus Hall
Page 179
See plate 19, figure 1

3 Hall's original in Palaeontology of N. Y., v. 3, pl. 82, fig. 1. The abdomen is somewhat distended and the sculpturing well shown.

The figures are from photographs. All specimens are from the Bertie waterlime at Buffalo, Erie co., N. Y. The originals of figures 1 and 2 are in the museum of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, that of figure 3 in the State Museum

Memoir 14. N.Y.State Museum. Plate 12.
The Eurypterida of New York plate 12.jpg
J.A.Glenn phot. J.B.Lyon Co. State Printer.