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Eurypterus (Anthraconectes) mazonensis Meek & Worthen
Page 223

1 Counterpart of type (holotype). Compare diagram text figure 51, p. 224. The specimen shows the general outline of the carapace, the form and position of the lateral eyes, portions of the legs and the impression of the dorsal side of the abdomen with the characteristic sculpture. Along the median line faint impressions of the opercular appendages are seen. The circular impressions apparently are muscle spots and probably paired. An outline sketch of this counterpart was given by Hall in 1884 [2d Geol. Surv. Pennsylvania, PPP, p. 25]. Natural size
Horizon and locality. Lower Coal Measures. Mazon Creek, Grundy co., Ill.

Eurypterus (Onychopterus) kokomoensis Miller & Gurley
Page 212
See plate 25

2 Ventral view of a specimen, showing the gill plates, the female opercular appendage and the posterior doublures of the segments as dark bands. Natural size
Horizon and locality. Kokomo waterlime. Kokomo, Ind.

Dolichopterus siluriceps nov.
Page 273

3 Holotype. Natural size
Horizon and locality. Bertie waterlime. Buffalo, Erie co., N. Y.

All figures are from photographs. The original of figure 1 is in the American Museum of Natural History (no. 8538/1); that of figure 2 in the museum of Chicago University (no. 12909) and that of figure 3 in Columbia University

Memoir 14. N. Y. State Museum. Plate 26.
The Eurypterida of New York plate 26.jpg
J A Glenn phot. J B Lyon Co State Printer