The Eurypterida of New York/Volume 2/Explanations of plates/Plate 32

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Eusarcus scorpionis Grote & Pitt
Page 233
See plates 27–31, 33–36

1 Dorsal view of a specimen, the carapace of which is broken away, exposing the appendages of the cephalothorax. The chelicerae are seen in position; also the first short pair of walking legs, the metastoma and the coxae of the swimming legs. The drawing is a composite one, showing the features of the two counterparts, one of which is in the museum of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences, the other in the New York State Museum
Horizon and locality. Bertie waterlime. Buffalo. N. Y.

Memoir 14. N. Y. State Museum. Plate 32.
The Eurypterida of New York plate 32.jpg
G S Barkentin del J B Lyon Co State Printer