The Eurypterida of New York/Volume 2/Explanations of plates/Plate 73

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Pterygotus buffaloensis Pohlmann
Page 358
See plates 57, 67, 68, 70, 74–82

1 Carapace of large specimen showing normal outline, facettae of compound eyes and traces of ornamentation. Natural size
2 Telson of large specimen, showing median keel and spines and marginal serrations. Natural size
Horizon and locality. Bertie waterlime. Buffalo, N. Y.

The originals are in the museum of the Buffalo Society of Natural Sciences

Memoir 14. N.Y.State Museum. Plate 73.
The Eurypterida of New York plate 73.jpg
G.S.Barkentin del. J.B.Lyon Co. State Printer.