The Fairy (Blake, Notebook)

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Notebook 38 - The Fairy

1st reading:[1][edit]

The Fairy

"Come hither my sparrows,
"My little arrows.
"If a tear or a smile
"Will a man beguile,
"If an amorous delay
"Clouds a sunshiny day,
"If the [tread del.] step of a foot
"Smites the heart to its root,
"Tis the marriage ring
"Makes each fairy a king."

So a fairy sung.
From the leaves I sprung.
He leap'd from the spray
To flee away.
But in my hat caught
He soon shall be taught.
Let him laugh let him cry,
He's my butterfly;
For I've pull'd out the sting
[And del.] Of the marriage ring
[(Is a foolish thing del.) Is a childs play thing del.]

2nd reading:[2][edit]

The Fairy

Come hither my sparrows
My little arrows
If a tear or a smile
Will a man beguile
If an amorous delay
Clouds a sunshiny day
If the step of a foot
Smites the heart to its root
Tis the marriage ring
Makes each fairy a king

So a fairy sung
From the leaves I sprung
He leapd from the spray
To flee away
But in my hat caught
He soon shall be taught
Let him laugh let him cry
Hes my butterfly
For I've pulld out the Sting
Of the marriage ring


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This work was published before January 1, 1924, and is in the public domain worldwide because the author died at least 100 years ago.