The Flags of the World/Plate 24

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307 to 324 The Flags of the International Code. 18 illus.
325 The Signal-hoist for the Eddystone Lighthouse, B.D.T.F.
326 Code-signal for the Port of London, B.D.P.Q.
327 Code-signal of SS. Germanic, N.V.B.Q.
328 Code-signal of the Hesperus, M.N.D.L.
329 Code-signal of H.M.S. Devastation, G.R.C.T.
330 "Do you wish to be reported?" B.P.Q.
331 "All safe!" V.K.C.
332 "Report me to Lloyd's Agent." P.D.S.
333 "Do you want assistance?" H.V.F.
334 "Has any accident happened?" B.G.H.

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