The Flags of the World/Plate 8

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65 Ship Flag, Reign of George I.
66 Early form of Red Ensign.
67 London Train Bands: The Blue Regiment, 1643.
68 London Train Bands: The Yellow Regiment, 1643.
69 Flag of Warship, 16th Century.
70 Flag of H.M.S. Tiger.
71 St. George, and Tudor Livery Colours.
72 London Train Bands: The Green Regiment, 1643.
73 Flag of Union of England and Scotland.
74 Pendant of H.M.S. Lion, 1745.
75 Scottish Blue Ensign.
76 Scottish Red Ensign.
77 Banner of St. Alban's Abbey.
78 Jack of Warship of the 16th Century.
79 Suggested forms for Union Flag, 1801.